CyberTECH Launches Entrepreneur in Residence (EIR) Program

California’s tech-inspired startups drive many of today’s hottest and most innovative products and services, helping to further position the state as the global center for excellence in Cybersecurity, Internet of Things and Emerging Technologies such as drones, blockchain, robotics, and 3D printing.

In that spirit, CyberTECH is proud to announce the CyberTECH Entrepreneur in Residence (EIR) — a six-month, low-rent program designed to build strategic relationships between early-stage companies and CyberTECH’s growing ecosystem of partners and stakeholders.

This innovative program leveraging CyberTECH’s “Social Community Incubator Model” is designed as a major element of CyberTECH’s Smart & Safe Cities initiative, in partnership with CyberCalifornia.

This program has received recognition with San Diego’s Smart City Initiative and is excited to mentor new tech companies and entrepreneurs. CyberTECH has been awarded a grant from the City of San Diego to grow this program and promote San Diego as one of the world’s smartest cybercities.

EIR Program Application

Meet the leadership team

EIR Fundraising

We ask that you continue to support the EIR Program mission to stimulate innovation and advance the adoption of Internet of Things technologies for the economic and social benefit of the nation by contributing to the success of the EIR Program.

All funds collected will be utilized to expand the reach and the quality of mentoring within the EIR program. Our goal is to expose more companies to the EIR program so that impact canoe larger. If you are interested in being a part of the program please connect with us on this link.

CyberTECH EIR Cohort #400

Secure delivery of software, services, and products via Bitcoin and its core principles of decentralization and privacy.
Paul Puey, CEO,

Vit Tall provides Enterprise Security Compliance services to Fortune 500 companies and Ivy League universities as well as Cyber Threat Intelligence services to governmental organizations.

Delivery of encryption and storage performance up to 8x faster than storing data unprotected, and up to 15x faster than today’s encryption.
Linda Eigner, CEO,
Eric Tobias, CTO,

Donald Young III, CEO,
(Website and logo to come)

Preserving the integrity of IoT ecosystems, devices, and users with a secure communications fabric between connected devices and cloud-based applications.
Tim McElwee, CEO/Founder, 

Exclusive advertising to Uber and Lyft passengers, using special messages to engage your audience and encourage them to interact with your content.
Greg Maestro,
Co-founder Joe Dominquez,

Readily available cyber experts and engineers that provide a wide array of services in the areas of audit, management and administration.
Jonathan Goetsch, CEO/Founder,

Jauher Zaidi, Co-founder,

A California-based company providing innovative technology solutions for the cosmetic industry and beyond.
Dennis Dawson, CEO,

Watch2Win increases advertising and paid organic content engagement through a reciprocal system.
Russell Chapin,

Cyber security technology that provides end-to-end cryptographic splitting and authentication technology for data protection,  smart city platforms, IoT and encrypted unified  communications.
Larry Castro,

Parking Pal’s goal is to be the leading valet parking company that provides professional, technology-empowered valet services with a touch of luxury.
Dahveed Newman,

A subscription-based bar, restaurant, gaming and bingo hall software solution that features integrated point of sale and inventory management for pull tabs.

CyberTECH EIR Cohort #300

A safe and secure program for users to connect to “The New Internet®” and surf the web, launch new websites, and connect on social media.

Jessica Strickland, CEO/Co-founder

A program of real-life games and analytics to help engage company employees and improve compliance with HIPAA and HITECH regulations.

Pavan Ravula, Co-founder/CEO

An easy-to-use tax platform that connects companies and their employees for simplified payroll and accounting systems.

Emily Rotolo, CEO/Founder

A proprietary anti-drone system that deploys a shield around high-risk targets and allows security teams to de-pilot an errant drone.

Daniel Magy, CEO

A live media tech company for consumers and business professionals to broadcast live, compelling video from anywhere via all platforms.

Victor Ross, CEO/Co-Founder,

A SaaS (Software as a Service) and Cloud App marketplace platform and concierge service that pro-actively matches quality SaaS Vendors with established resellers and buyers.

Dina Moskowitz, CEO

A marketplace for innovative donor-to-researcher funding that connects donors with scientists and researchers at universities and institutes.
Christian Braemer, CEO/Founder

Through social media, informing the world about the persecution and genocide of the Falun Gong people in mainland China.

Ken Truong, CEO

A machine-based security system providing autonomous solutions for the private security industry
Jeff Debrosse, CEO/Founder

Design and production of biogas for the use of power-steam turbines as a clean-energy alternative.

Lydell Aaron, CEO/Founder

Portable strands of LED, battery-powered, Bluetooth-enabled, bright glowing lights for decorative and entertainment uses.

Phouc Nguyen, CEO/FounderPortable strands of LED, battery-powered, Bluetooth-enabled, bright glowing lights for decorative and entertainment uses.

Phouc Nguyen, CEO/Founder

An intelligence framework (INFRA) that gathers information via computers and networks, focusing on security and vulnerability.

Andrea Bodei, CEO/Founder

A high noise environment gunshot/scream detection and mapping system.

Donald Young III

Meet the Second Cohort of the EIR Program

Injection devices that passively record dosing information and wirelessly communicate data without syncing or smartphone.

The drone industry’s first drone-only trade organization that advocates for users.

Platform for direct-to-consumer marketing that captures and harnesses data on consumer purchase behavior.

Web-based insurance services for auto, home, life, health and business.

Wide-ranging, professional-caliber video footage for virtual reality projects.

A web-based magazine aimed to raise each sport and each athlete in those sports.

Healthcare service for telemedicine and in-home care for the disabled and homebound.

A sports equipment rental and locator hub for outdoor adventure pursuits such as mountain biking, hiking, and rock climbing.

Full-service cyber security protection with scanning, monitoring, tooling, advanced threat protection, and breach response.

Meet the First Cohort of the EIR Program

Using our automated system, we promise to be one of the most affordable 3D prototyping and manufacturing solutions on the market. We take the guesswork out of manufacturing. You want it, we print it. You think it, we’ll design it. It’s that simple.

We isolate threats up front instead of trying to detect or predict. Our approach assumes 100 percent of all apps are either vulnerable or malware. Using our cloud-based network, we can monitor your print and create a highly efficient workflow for your project. Zero-day exploits are useless.

We produce heavy-lifting aerial vehicles. Our mission is to give every human the freedom to fly safely and reliably. Current helicopters and UAVs are limited by their own weight in additional payload. Our aerial vehicles carry 4x their own weight.

We design and fabricate Counter-IED training devices for official military training use only. Our training aids are designed and manufactured by US military veterans with experience in Iraq and Afghanistan. Our aim is to improve the instructor’s ability to create realistic training at the lowest levels with flexible systems that allow on-the-fly adaptation and creativity.

Company is operating in Stealth Mode

True ID provides solutions to remedy Identity Theft and Credit Fraud. Our TrueSense Process expresses the details of someone’s variety of alive multiple biometrics as a unique algorithm, rather than matching just one biometric against a stored image on a database.

Breeze helps all kinds of people – students, artists, servers, single parents and more. For a low membership fee, we provide a fuel-efficient car so they can make income on their own time, driving for ride-sharing and on-demand services.

ObjectSecurity’s mission is to simplify security for the complex, interconnected IT landscapes most organizations have to deal with today.