To be a trusted community and educational resource that creates new, high-quality technologies and employment opportunities in advanced new technologies.


  • CYBER Hive is a sustainable non-profit shared workspace and incubator community focused in the areas advanced new technologies including devices powering the IoT, software and app development, robotics, 3D printing, and drones.
  • The CYBER Hive model is based on treating shared workspace and incubator Members as real operating businesses every day. Members are mentored as they fine tune their business model, use cases and go to market strategies.
  • The City of San Diego has also been instrumental in providing funding for the incubator program.

CYBER Hive Application

CYBER Hive is currently accepting applications from high-potential, early-stage companies from across the country looking to further develop and commercialize their technologies. We are looking for innovative, technology-driven startup companies, addressing critical market needs in one or more of the following areas of interest: Sensors, Processing, Situational Awareness/Visualization, Big Data and Predictive Analytics for Cyber, Workflow Management, and Modeling and Simulation.

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“There’s a lot of talk these days in the technology world about the next big thing. Well, CYBER Hive is it, and I’m so proud that it’s happening right here in San Diego. This program will create good paying local jobs while simultaneously creating the technology of tomorrow.”

Kevin Faulconer, San Diego Mayor