The CyberCalifornia initiative will help further position California as a leader in cybersecurity as it relates to commerce and Internet of Things (IoT) technology. CyberCalifornia will advance the goals and promote the accomplishments of the California Cybersecurity Task Force, with a particular emphasis on the connections between cybersecurity and economic development. CyberCalifornia will help organize public-private partnerships in cybersecurity, with the goals of facilitating research and innovation in cybersecurity, educating California businesses about cybersecurity needs and resources, and connecting California’s robust workforce development system with the needs of California employers. CyberCalifornia is organized in conjunction with the Innovation Hub (iHub) Network, a program administered by the Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development. The iHubs provide innovation platforms for startup companies, economic development organizations, business groups, and venture capitalists by leveraging such assets as research parks, technology incubators, universities, and federal laboratories.