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Global dependence on the Internet is expanding daily. Nations depend on cyber infrastructure to operate transportation networks, financial markets, health agencies, power grids, the list continues. As a consequence of this growing dependence, cyber threats are evolving at a rapid rate making it difficult to stay current with evolving cybersecurity news. CyberTECH resources help individuals and organizations stay up to date with the latest news and information.

In 2008 a group of San Diego civic private and public security leaders set out to help tell San Diego’s unique story about the computer security industry to help accelerate the regional growth of cybersecurity jobs and technologies. In 2014, CyberHive (CyberTECH) lead public/private sector initiatives and completed a regional economic development study called “Cybersecurity in San Diego: A Economic Impact and Industry Assessment”. The assessment showed good progress in our efforts to recruit and train cybersecurity professionals, driven chiefly by an onslaught of costly, high-profile Internet attacks on U.S. computer networks, including Target, The New York Times, Visa, Nasdaq, and others.

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