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SD3D Printing
At SD3D Printing, we are standardizing digital manufacturing by developing an end-to-end 3D printing automation platform. Our platform allows users to scale up production efficiently, enabling short-run and just-in-Time (JIT) production of end-use parts. By leveraging advanced process automations, production costs and lead times through our platform are up to 80% lower compared to traditional 3D printing methods.

President/CEO: David Feeney

Founded/launched: 2013




  • 3D Print Kiosk: 1855 First Avenue, Suite #103, San Diego, CA 92101
  • 3D Print Kiosk: 211 North Ervay Street, Suite #351, Dallas, TX 75201
  • Factory: 7925 Silverton Avenue, Suite #510, San Diego, CA 92126

Quotable: “SD3D is leading the convergence between industrial IOT and additive manufacturing, which we believe will provide a catalyst for the next industrial revolution.” – David Feeney

Notable trends/ideas: The concept of short-run production through additive manufacturing (3D printing) is being normalized throughout many industries. Projects that previously would have never been launched are now making it to market and providing a positive impact to lives of millions of users while supporting their domestic economy. Instead of being made overseas, these parts are now made within just a few miles of the end-user.


  • David Feeney, President/CEO): David is an experienced manufacturing engineer, project manager and entrepreneur. With six years of direct experience in the automotive and industrial equipment industries as a manufacturing engineer and project manager, David understands the needs of the target client. As the technical co-founder and CEO of SD3D, David brings an extensive track record of successfully implementing process automations for manufacturing industrial equipment on product lines valued at over $100M annually.
  • Bennett Berger, Co-founder/President: Bennett’s experience comes from the world of management, sales and client relations. After graduating from the UC Santa Cruz in Business Management Economics, Bennett worked as an account executive managing hundreds of clients for an insurance agency. From there he went into sales for the Medicare industry, running both group presentations as well as individual meetings.
  • Marshal Haupt, Chief Engineer: Marshal graduated from UC Davis in 2009 with a BSEE degree. He initially began his career working in the design and development of photovoltaic inverters. After five years working in subsea robotics at FMC Technologies, Marshal turned to communication control designs for industrial control equipment. Most recently, Marshal worked with a flow control meter manufacturer on a CANbus communication control network. He is using that expertise directly in his role at SD3D.
  • Junhua Wei, Research Engineer: Junhua graduated from Texas Tech University in 2015 with a PhD in mechanical engineering. His research and work are focused on 3D printer hardware development, 3D printing materials preparation, and functional device.


Interesting anecdote/client: SD3D is the dedicated supplier of sunflower decorations for Nothing Bunt Cakes franchise facilities across North America. Before SD3D came on the scene, these sunflower decorations were originally hand carved by a local woodworker. When the woodworker retired, Nothing Bunt Cakes turned to SD3D Printing to continue production and provide just-in-time manufacturing for their new franchise facilities.
To maintain consistency with the original flowers, Nothing Bunt Cakes chose to use the coarsest resolution available to retain the grainy texture and the “hand-carved” look. So, next time you see a Nothing Bunt Cakes store, check out the sunflowers hanging on the wall behind the cash register. If your eye is trained on what to look for, you should be able to tell they are 3D printed.

Contact info:

SD3D is located within NEST at X-Hive, the distinctive CoWork space at 1855 First Avenue, Suite 201, San Diego, CA 92103.

To inquire about available space, contact Darin Andersen: