Company description:
Procopio is a full-service business and litigation law firm serving small to mid-sized companies as well as large multinationals, serving client’s needs through every stage of the business life cycle. The firm is committed to thoughtful problem solving and improving their client’s bottom line. With more than 150 attorneys based in San Diego, Silicon Valley, Phoenix and Austin, serving clients around the world, Procopio is passionate about knowing each client’s business and helping that client grow. Their global reach across Asia and Latin America further expands international partnerships and cross border capabilities. Procopio is focused on what’s important to its clients–providing smart, innovative and practical solutions in a cost-effective manner.

Senior Leadership:
Thomas W. Turner, Jr.

Managing Partner
James G. Perkins
Chief Operating Officer
Chief Compliance Officer

Founded: 1946

Brief history of firm:
Founded just after the conclusion of World War II by four leading legal minds in San Diego—Tony Procopio, Alec Cory, Harry Hargreaves and Manny Savitch—the firm was on the leading edge of San Diego’s postwar boom of economic development. The four partners from the beginning instituted a culture based on actively listening to clients and applying detailed attention to serving their legal needs. They also encouraged collaboration across the firm, and the family feel at Procopio has led to an exceptionally low level of attrition. The firm has also grown exponentially, with more than 70 attorneys by the start of the 21st Century and more than 150 today. Now the largest independent law firm in San Diego, Procopio has expanded to offices in Del Mar Heights, Silicon Valley, Phoenix, and Austin, covering more than forty practice areas, and representing clients around the world, including Asia and Latin America. Yet it continues to provide a detailed level of focus on client needs at rates 30 to 40 percent lower than many of its larger competitors.

Core principles:

  • Commitment to Service: It’s Procopio’s pledge to always go above and beyond. Providing the best possible client service is engrained in our culture.
  • Passionate People: Procopio believes the key to its success is in its people and their passion. Procopio employs some of industry’s most skilled and experienced lawyers, many of whom have worked at the world’s largest national and international firms.
  • Adding Value: Its lean operational model allows it to provide winning solutions without the big overhead typically seen with large international firms. Procopio is committed to understanding each client’s business while building a long-term relationship.
  • Driving Innovation: From its in-house startup incubator to its cutting edge electronic storage systems, Procopio’s innovative and entrepreneurial mindset helps clients stay ahead of their competition.

Tech-related emphasis:
Reflecting the innovative technology spirit of San Diego entrepreneurs, Procopio has long had an active practice in the tech sector, and its offices in Del Mar Heights and Silicon Valley reflect that focus. Procopio runs a LaunchPad incubator in its Del Mar office, part of Procopio Business Advisors, an arm of the firm that woks with entrepreneurs to grow their businesses focused on sustainable growth and/or becoming an attractive acquisition opportunity.
The firm’s active Intellectual Property Practice Group is active in tech industries, from patent prosecution, litigation and licensing to trademarks, copyrights and trade secret protection. Procopio has an active Technology Transactions Practice Group negotiating, drafting and implementing tech contracts while protecting its clients’ intellectual property positions. Procopio also has an Emerging Growth and Technology Practice Group focused on numerous fields including information technology, telecommunications, life sciences and clean-tech.


    • San Diego (downtown)
    • Del Mar Heights
    • Silicon Valley (Palo Alto)

Phoenix, Arizona
Austin, Texas

Reason for CyberTECH membership:
Procopio was one of the first law firms in cyberspace, dealing with data breaches, encryption patents, IoT data protection, HIPPA compliance, ecommerce, IP issues, cybersquatting, unfair competition, take-downs and online terms and conditions. As cybersecurity issues continue to grow in importance, Procopio is there.

Notable tech-related anecdote:
For decades, Procopio was active in the entrepreneurial tech environment of San Diego and California more broadly. That has manifested itself with the founding of Procopio LaunchPad in 2012, an incubator for and initial investor in technology start-up companies, committing valuable real estate and business support services to promising startups. Procopio Partner Bill Eigner serves on CyberTECH’s board of directors.

Recent notable transactions:

  • Managed the sale of an Internet security company to a private equity firm for $50 million.
  • Worked with a technology start-up with a capitalization of $500,000 to ensure a sale to a large public company for $180 million.
  • Secured the founders of a medical software development company’s stock sale to a private equity investor for about $60 million.


Attorneys practicing on tech-related issues:

William Eigner, Partner

Noel Gillespie, Partner

Marina Lewis, Senior Counsel

Megan McCarthy, Attorney

Contact info:


  • Website
  • Contact: Patrick Ross, Senior Manager of Communications and Marketing
  • 619-906-5740