Leveraging many years of effort in the Internet of Things (IoT), CyberTECH has developed the Smart & Safe Cities Institute, focusing on the state of smart & safe cities, best practices, the cultural aspects of creating safe cities, including elements of Smart Cities and IoT that make people nervous about connecting wearables, “liveables” and “driveables” to the Internet to form smart cities.

    Working with Intel and AT&T on two Smart Cities Hackathons, the Smart & Safe Cities Institute emphasizes the need for Smart Cities to build on security and privacy by design. We believe a city cannot be “smart” if the things it connects to the Internet and other open networks are vulnerable to cyber attack or lack basic user privacy or product safety. 

    Besides Hackathons, the Smart & Safe Cities Institute will conduct research, generate white papers and support Smart City startups with infrastructure, mentorship and access to capital.