Green Machine Smart Structures (“GMSS”) use salvaged metal shipping containers to create smart spaces and Community where our clients live, work and play.  Many times, it’s too costly to ship metal shipping containers which have served their purpose to carry goods from one location to another back to their point of origin.

    Rather than letting these metal containers end up as scrap metal and waste products, GMSS reuses these containers to manufacture and transform them into modern-looking work and living spaces. Our units are simple, clean and efficient and contain all the materials necessary to build a container space that can be shipped, unpacked, and assembled on-site.

    A key difference in a Green Machine space is our application of artificial intelligence (AI) inside and outside of the space to make them both smart and secure.  Our special head units are deployed on the top of the container and provide 3-5 intelligent cameras (including thermal detection), 2-way audio, facial and object detection and human pose recognition.  These powerful technologies “observe and alert” on preset or anomalous events and can alert from inside the unit from a special console area of remotely through our Cloud based AI dashboard visible from any Apple or Android or laptop device.

    Your reason to live Smart, Tiny and Safe is your own !  People have all kinds of reasons for choosing to live and work tiny. Some are looking for ways to reduce their costs and increase their mobility as some want a space, they can take with them wherever they go, for a week and several years. Some are just trying to tread more lightly on our planet and be less attached to things and more attached to experiences. Whatever your reason, you are part of a growing movement that changes the way we conceptualize and live our lives.

    Green Machine is here to enable your vision by creating ergonomic, efficient and cost-effective work and living spaces.  Many office and living spaces are growing larger and larger, but many in our Community are looking for something different.  They are working and living in spaces which can be remote, off grid or attached to their existing work and living spaces.

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