Ozzie Diaz

Ozzie Diaz has amassed his senior executive experience across the Mobile & Wireless, Fortune 100, Service Provider, Government, Smart Grid, Big Data Analytics and Security industries. Ozzie has led the evolution and growth of Liquid Grids’ social media analytics and intelligence cloud-based solution and business while serving as CTO. He now advises many early stage startups, entrepreneurs, venture capital and analyst firms on industry trends and companies. Ozzie has over 25 years career experience with both Fortune 100 companies and early stage venture-backed companies. Ozzie’s industry standards activities include North American IPv6 Task Force Mobility and Wireless Subject Matter Expert and Steering Committee Member, Silicon Capitol

(Wireless Sacramento) Advisor and Wireless Subject Matter Expert, California IPv6 Task Force Steering Committee Member, Worldwide Web Consortium (W3C) Steering Council Member. Ozzie published a paper on the “Utility of Broadband Wireless: A Technology Roadmap for Disaster Response” for homeland defense in cooperation with the Worldwide Consortium for the Grid (W2COG) and an industry-wide team of subject matter experts. Ozzie has several inventions and patents pending on new connected device concepts and connected device management architectures. Ozzie received a technology degree from National University.