Jonathan Parnell

Jonathan Parnell is the Founder of Tuliva and serves as the CEO and Chairman of the Board. He oversees the overall company from a financial, growth, strategic and visionary perspective. Jonathan drives new technologies into all business units and is responsible for the aligning of Tuliva’s offerings with the current needs of industries, corporations and government.

Jonathan Parnell, at the age of 5 began his education in computer sciences and information technology when enrolled in an S.T.E.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) program. This program was designed to evaluate the aptitude of children at that age for computer sciences and information technology. For the next 10 years his youth was intertwined with the computer sciences and it became a part of him. At the age of 15 his passion for programming lead into his passion for data, the information sciences and how it all could be used synergistically to solve problems.

Tuliva, Inc. was formed in 2010 after over 15 years in IT. Since 2010, Jonathan’s focus has been on cloud architecture and design to meet the ever evolving needs of the world. He soon realized that with all that was being designed there was still a lack of qualified and skilled engineers to build, manage and support the IT needs of the world. Tuliva Academy, within Tuliva was then formed to train and certify today’s workforce. Tuliva Bridgeways was then formed under Tuliva to then place the engineers into industries, corporations, government and projects to create the future.

Jonathan’s overall goal is to create the future and solve the issues facing today’s world. “This is done by the innovation and ingenuity of information technology. Through S.T.E.M. initiatives, training our current workforce and evolving our current technologies Tuliva will reach this goal.”