Cleve Adams

Adams joined Resilience in October 2015. Adams is a 4 time Venture backed technology CEO specializing in Cyber Security. Adams was voted one the Top 50 Non-Technical Entrepreneurs in Tech Industry history. Mr. Adams is also the Managing Director for Cyber Security consultant Trestles Group International. Previously he joined Cyber Security firm AirPatrol in 2012 as a seasoned executive with an extensive background in the growth of software, mobile and network security companies. Over the course of the past two decades, Mr. Adams has led numerous technology firms, transforming the organizations from startups into high-growth global enterprises. While at AirPatrol, he succeeded in selling the company to Sysorex Global Holdings.

Prior to taking the helm at AirPatrol, Mr. Adams served as Chairman of mobile tech startup KaaM, Inc., CEO of network security developer, High Tower Software, and president and CEO of mobile device security firm, Puresight, Inc. All three companies sold to large public companies. He was also started cyber security heavyweight Websense, Inc. where he led the company from pre-revenue to a $1 Billion initial public offering.

A frequent executive speaker and consultant on the subjects of startup acceleration, business transformation, successful exits and Cyber Security, Mr. Adams holds a Presidential and Key Executive MBA from Pepperdine University and sits on the university’s Board of Advisors.