Alex Eckelberry

Alex Eckelberry is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Technology Growth Engineering focused on the art and science of engineering rapid growth through a holistic approach to corporate and product strategy, marketing, sales and finance. Most recently, Alex was the President of the security business unit for GFI Software, subsequent to the acquisition of Sunbelt Software in 2010, where he was CEO for eight years. Alex is actively involved in the software security area and wrote a blog for many years, Sunbelt Blog. He often speaks on security issues, and has been interviewed for national publications, radio and television, including appearances on Good Morning America and CBC Canada. Alex has also held positions at Bulldog Capital Management, Mijenix Corporation, Quarterdeck Corporation (now part of Symantec), Aegis Development, and Borland International. Alex attended Eckerd College and received his Product Management Certification from Pragmatic Marketing Certified.